Why Can't I Find Just ONE Browser That Works for Everything I Need?

I'm extremely frustrated with trying to find a browser that has everything I need. This is what I have found so far:

PROS:  Has the absolute best add-ons that you can't find the equivalent for on any other browser. Has the most toolbar capability; can have an add-on bar at the bottom of the page
CONS: Slow, jerky on sites with lots of flash or images. Frequent updates cause add-on developers to stop updating their apps. Help forum is useless because power users treat regular users like dirt. I imagine these abusive jerks as teenagers living in their mother's basement to deal with it. FF doesn't work with Facebook - period.

Waterfox - too buggy - period.

PROS: Faster on my 64-bit machine. Uses all the same add-ons as FF
CONS: Freezes for no reason at all and can only be turned off with task manager, especially on Facebook. I read it's because of AdBlock Plus and just about any other adblocker you use. Can't live without those, so this browser is out until that problem is fixed.

Chrome/SRWare Iron
PROS: Speed - that's about it.
CONS: The extensions do not have the capabilities or features of the FF add-ons. There are no equivalent extensions for most of my favorites on FF, and the Chrome versions of extensions don't work the same or are missing features. Frequently have to use two or three extensions to replicate the functionality of one FF add-on. SRWare Iron is better on privacy - unless you want to use those annoying Chrome extensions that make you give them access to your Google account - unacceptable. Some of my add-ons from FF are actually apps on Chrome, and again, you have to give them all that information. In short, they both have major privacy concerns and lack of functionality for my purposes.

PROS: Works well with Facebook, which is the only thing I use it for right now. It's pretty fast, too.
CONS: Not enough functionality for me to use as my primary browser. 

Someone has suggested Pale Moon, so I'll try that and let you know how it goes. 



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