Why I Now Spend More Time on Facebook than Google+

I left Facebook a few years ago and settled nicely into Google+. I opened a few communities and a lot of people have chosen to put me in their circles for one reason or another. But honestly, I was bored there. When I moved to Gainesville, I needed to be in touch with like-minded people here, such as the Occupy group and the gardening groups, which were all on FB. My son wanted me to be back there too, so we could chat and hang out. He doesn't like G+, and doesn't have time for any more social media sites, being a full-time college student.

I grudgingly went back, intending to only be in groups and on pages. I only have a few friends there; family and close friends. Yet, I found myself spending more and more time there, and you know why?

Participation and conversation. I don't know what it is about G+, but people don't talk there. They +1 your posts, but very few comment. My communities are largely dead. I tried to start a Florida Gardening community, but I was the only one posting there more than a year, so I closed it down and went back to the original FB Florida gardening community I started 5 years or so ago. People actually post there, and talk and trade plants and seeds and generally COMMUNICATE.

I closed down a few of my G+ communities, and right now, all I have up is the writing communities and my Simply Deb community, which is on hiatus. Two of the writing communities are largely dead too, and I find myself not even wanting to try to get them going.

Yes, I am just plain bored with G+.  I have joined the ranks of those who think G+ is just dull and non-participative and snooze-worthy. I won't abandon my writing communities, but I spend less and less time on G+ now, and more time on FB. I know that Plussers think they are superior, and in intellect, you probably are, but in plain old social abillities -- you suck. It's a geek thing, I guess. Geeks were always better at the doing than the discussing and socializing.

I never thought I'd be writing this post. It makes me very sad.


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