Marissa Mayer's Scheme to Keep YCN Writers from Republishing Their Material

It's bad enough that the unscrupulous and dastardly Mrs. Mayer decided to close down Yahoo Contributor Network, but this latest twist is just unconscionable. Instead of a 404 when you click a link to former Voices or Shine content, you now get redirected back to Yahoo; no doubt a plan to get people to get more traffic to the Yahoo main site.

We cannot republish our material, because the links are still up on search engines. We can't force Yahoo to take them down, but we can do these things:

1. Search for or your name, scroll to the bottom and click on "Send Feedback." In the box, copy and paste this (You can leave out the last part if you want.)

Yahoo has closed Yahoo Voices and given us back the rights to our material, however, they are redirecting those links to their front page,  which keeps us from republishing our work elsewhere because it will be seen as duplicate content. Please remove all links to and from your search results. Oh, and thanks for nothing for sending us that bitch to ruin Yahoo, although I can see why you wanted to get rid of her.

2. Go to The Yahoo Help Page and call or write a snail mail letter to the company, asking them to remove the redirects from all former Yahoo Contributor Network material and replace them with 404s, plus remove all YCN links from the Yahoo search engine, so that our material can be republished elsewhere. Call them every day. Flood them with requests. Never let up until they take the redirects down. Get all your friends to call them too.

3. Share this information on all social media, so that everyone who is a victim of this, plus friends of victims, can help us get this dastardly deed undone. Write about it on your blogs. Talk about it online. Let EVERYONE know what this bitch has done to us. First, took away part of our livelihoods, then made it so we cannot republish our work elsewhere.