Mark My Words -- Answers and Groups Are Next on Herr Mayer's Hitlist

I got notice that Morning Coffee newsletter has moved from Yahoo Groups to Feedburner, jumping ship from Yahoo to Google. Can't really blame it, as Groups and Answers are surely next on Marissa Mayer's list of sites that don't fit into her new vision for Yahoo.

Do you think she has any clue who Yahoo's user base is? I don't. She has already run off most of the Yahoo Mail users and hundreds of thousands of Yahoo Contributor Network and Voices users will be dumping Yahoo mail as soon as those sites close, because they only needed it for that one thing. I certainly will be. I have two Yahoo mails. One I use for junk, subscriptions and Craigslist ads which I will probably keep, because honestly, since she ruined mail, that's all it's good for

Herr Mayer seems to want to turn Yahoo into some upscale destination for upwardly mobile yuppie puppies such as herself. The problem with that view is that she is too late. Those people are already invested in other sites that took advantage of that trend years ago. She doesn't have a chance of winning them, or of winning the younger Gen Xers or Gen Y, who don't even know what Yahoo is, and don't care.

She will ultimately fail. Just like she failed at Google and was demoted. I hear they threw a party when she left. They surely did not try to stop her from going. What she thinks of as her revenge on Google will end up being her Waterloo, and after she destroys Yahoo, she will HOPEFULLY not be hired by any other major player.

But of course, she doesn't care. She has all that AliBaba stock to see her through until her dying day. All I can say is she can't leave too soon for me and millions of other Yahoo users.


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