Mark My Words -- Answers and Groups Are Next on Herr Mayer's Hitlist

I got notice that Morning Coffee newsletter has moved from Yahoo Groups to Feedburner, jumping ship from Yahoo to Google. Can't really blame it, as Groups and Answers are surely next on Marissa Mayer's list of sites that don't fit into her new vision for Yahoo.

Do you think she has any clue who Yahoo's user base is? I don't. She has already run off most of the Yahoo Mail users and hundreds of thousands of Yahoo Contributor Network and Voices users will be dumping Yahoo mail as soon as those sites close, because they only needed it for that one thing. I certainly will be. I have two Yahoo mails. One I use for junk, subscriptions and Craigslist ads which I will probably keep, because honestly, since she ruined mail, that's all it's good for

Herr Mayer seems to want to turn Yahoo into some upscale destination for upwardly mobile yuppie puppies such as herself. The problem with that view is that she is too late. Those people are already invested in other sites that took advantage of that trend years ago. She doesn't have a chance of winning them, or of winning the younger Gen Xers or Gen Y, who don't even know what Yahoo is, and don't care.

She will ultimately fail. Just like she failed at Google and was demoted. I hear they threw a party when she left. They surely did not try to stop her from going. What she thinks of as her revenge on Google will end up being her Waterloo, and after she destroys Yahoo, she will HOPEFULLY not be hired by any other major player.

But of course, she doesn't care. She has all that AliBaba stock to see her through until her dying day. All I can say is she can't leave too soon for me and millions of other Yahoo users.

Revenue Sharing Sites That Still Pay

Revenue sharing sites have been hit hard by the Google algorithms, and honestly, I think you can make more money with your own adsense blog just by adding a few affiliate ads, but if you need someplace to write just for revshare, these are the ones I know of.

The Major Players

I would put my better content on these sites, as they are more reliable and have survived everything Google has thrown at them.
  1. Hubpages - I wrote there long ago and there have been a ton of huge changes since then. They have their own ad program, and they have been hit hard by all the Google algorithms, but they survive. The best way to make money there is to blog on a microniche, or so I hear. You can put Amazon or eBay ads in your hubs, but you have to be an affiliate there. Amazon isn't so hard to get an affiliate account with, but eBay is. Check out their guidelines carefully, as they seem to be changing weekly.
  2. Squidoo - This site is still up and running, and again, I haven't used it for years, so I don't know what the scoop is now. It got slammed by the Penguin algorithm, after surviving all the rest relatively unscathed, so not sure what the income making potential is. Do your homework.
  3. Bubblews - This is the new kid on the block, and while it has its problems, it does pay if you write good, useful material. It has a social element that is sometimes a PITA, but if you get hooked in with a good network, you can do well, so I'm told. It does take a lot of time, though, so not for those who need a full-time income.
  4. Examiner - You hear good and bad about Examiner, and what you earn there has always depended on your topic and how often you post. It's been through a lot of changes, and lost a lot of writers by dropping the earnings amounts time after time, but some people swear by it.
The Minor Players

Back in the heydey of revshare, these sites sprung up and some are still around. There isn't a lot of money to be made there right now, but who knows what will happen with an influx of content from ex-YCN writers?

  1. Firehow - This sprung up after eHow stopped accepting unsolicited articles. It is how-to articles only, and I'm not sure how or how much it pays.
  2. InfoBarrel - This has been around awhile, and pays less than it used to, but still pays.
  3. Xomba - All I know about this is that it pays revshare. It's been around awhile.
  4. Gather - I did a little there once, but at the time, they were only paying in gift cards. Now you can get cash once you earn a certain amount. It's really a community thing, because it doesn't have any Google juice. If you join the communities and participate, they will read your articles. The site is very slow-loading, which is why I quit.
  5. ListMy5 - This is a fun site for lists. Not a serious writing site, but it's easy to knock out a couple of lists a day and eventually get some money. I put some up years ago, and suddenly got paid $10. 
New Sites

These are new to me. I don't know anything about them, so do your homework.
 Do Not Recommend
  1. Wikinut - This site is owned by an Indian company that lets anyone post there. There is no editorial and the site is plagued by poor quality ESL content. If you do post there, use a pen name. Not a site for serious writers, IMHO
  2. Bukisa and Triond - These sites sprung up during the heydey of rev share and are still around, but not viable sites. Bukisa lost its Adsense account at one time for having so much plagiarized material. I don't know its status now, but I don't recommend these sites. 
Like I said, do your homework and check out these sites well before you put your content there. Join, get on the forums, talk to the writers. Find out what the real skinny is.