Paranoia and Social Networking

 I've always been sort of a radical leftist type of person, really adamant about protecting people's rights. The internet is becoming increasingly scary, and the government here in the U.S. is putting people on watch lists simply for subscribing to the posts of Occupy or Anonymous.

I have a little bit of a paranoid personality, but I'm usually right about what I see as a threat. I have been thinking lately that maybe I need to just use the internet to work, shop and find information and leave social networking alone. I don't want the government watching every post I make because of the causes I support.

It's really crazy how invasive the government has gotten into our personal lives. Sometimes I think that's why they let the internet go public, because they saw it as a way they could spy on us without our even knowing. Call me crazy, but I sometimes feel like we're going to all end up in concentration type camps simply for defending our rights.

The Radical Right is getting more insane every day. The saddest part of all of their craziness is that, like all insane people, they can't see that they are insane.  It is true that insanity is the sanity of the insane. Think about that for a minute.

I don't know what to do at this point. My life is messed up enough without having the government watching me online. If they are going to watch me, maybe all they should see if someone who is hard working, grows plants and is struggling to survive. Maybe I should go into "cyber exile" and not post anything under my own name.

One thing that is making me paranoid is the fact that my passwords are getting compromised very often, but no havoc is really done on the accounts. I'm constantly going to sign in to site or email and finding that I have to reset my password. I run virus and malware scans continuously, but they find nothing. I've written and asked these sites WHY my password never lasts very long, and they don't have answers. I've literally left sites where my password has had to be reset more than once for no apparent reason. You hear all the time now about people being spied on through their webcams. I turned mine off, but just to be on the safe side, I put something over it. I never use it anyway. Insanity, or reality gone insane?

Is this really all that crazy? I'm not talking about retreating to the Dark Web (I've visited there, and that place is seriously scary), just retreating into the background of the real web, staying in places where the government has not reason to look.

Or is there such a place anymore?