If LinkedIn Is So Popular, Why Is It Spamming Me?

I don't understand. LinkedIn is supposed to be one of the most popular social networks around, growing by leaps and bounds, heading for superstardom. Well, it didn't work for me, just like Facebook didn't work for me, and Twitter only works marginally for me. I quit LinkedIn over a year ago, so why are they spamming me?

They aren't even spamming me on the account I used there. They are spamming me on every single account they can get their grubby little hands on. They send you these "So-and-so Wants To Connect With You," and today it's "So-and-so Is Waiting for Your Answer."

Why they want me back is beyond me. I wasn't a very good Linky. I tried at first, even opened and joined groups, posted links and tried to be sociable, but I did not succeed in over four years in doing anything but "being" there. No traffic to my blogs, all the groups were spamfests, and there is NO socialization on the timeline like FB or G+ have.

In short, unless you work in the corporate world or are looking to work in the corporate world, LinkedIn is useless. LinkedIn is the Facebook for corporate executives and their minions, of which I am not one.

And now they are spamming me, just like everyone spams them. Well, I have to go block them now. I'm done with writing nice letters asking them to take me off their mailing lists. They will soon be summarily BANNED from my mailboxes -- all of them! LINK THAT!