Bye Bye, GoDaddy!

Since my last post on why I am leaving GoDaddy, things have gotten strange. First, my password did not work for my account, and they kept rejecting every password I tried to create. I finally got THAT straightened out after about an hour of trying to set different new passwords until they accepted one. I guess they would call this "security," but since the password resets were coming straight to my email, I don't know what else I could have done to "prove" it was me. Well, at least they are trying to boost security, gotta give 'em that.

I will report one good thing that has happened. Your payment method with the type of card and last 4 digits is no longer on your dashboard, which makes it a lot more secure, but still not good enough to keep me.

GoDaddy used to be really nice about renewing domains. In fact, they gave you almost 45 days to renew before they parked it or charged you any extra. I guess with people leaving in droves, they need the money, so they don't do that anymore. Now you only have 5 days before they park your domain, making your website seemingly inaccessible.

I received a notice that three of my domains had expired on Feb. 16, and if I did not renew it before February 27, they would charge me an additional $80. The problem with that is, this ISN'T what their site says. If you can't read the screenshot, you can see it yourself HERE.

The relevant part is where it says that after Day 12, you have until Day 19 before you have to pay the $80.00, yet they were saying in the email that I had to pay it before Day 12. I tried to call them, but decided it wasn't worth it, since I would be transferring all the names anyway. I had a couple I bought for $.99 just to try them out that I won't be transferring, because I never did anything with them. Those will go back to the open market once I cancel my account, I believe. Not sure what the law is on that.

They had already parked Maxing the Minimal, which I was not aware of until today, because they did not notify me it was being parked. Still, I don't seem to have lost any views so far, but I've reverted back to the blogspot address and will continue to post links from that domain until my transfer is complete. Sometimes, GoDaddy can get snitty and not let your transfer go through for days or even weeks.

I have five more domains to transfer, which will be done as quickly as possible. I'd have done them all today, but I didn't have enough money.

You have to jump through a lot of hoops to transfer a domain name. After you've done everything you need to do on Namecheap (or whichever registrar you're transferring to), you have to still look out for more verification emails before the transfer starts. With GoDaddy, you actually have to go to your account and approve the transfer.  So don't think it's all over after you've done what you have to do with your new registrar. Keep checking your email and make sure you complete all the steps.

After GoDaddy transfers your domain, you new registrar will let you know, and then you have to set up your DNS all over again. Crazy, right? Yes, but well worth it to be out of the clutches of GoDaddy.


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