Why I Am Leaving GoDaddy After 5 Years of Defending Them

I have always had my domains registered with GoDaddy, despite myriad scandals and frustrations. This week I read about Naoki Hiroshima losing his Twitter name due to a hacker. It seems GoDaddy would not believe that he owned the domain and refused to help him. I've heard these stories before about people's domains being stolen as well as their writing work stolen and put on sites where the domain and hosting for the offending site were registered with GoDaddy, but they would do nothing, even when presented with a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown notice. Still, they were cheap, and they had never done anything to me, so I kept on buying my domains there.

After reading the Hiroshima story, I went to my GoDaddy account to remove my credit card information. Now as anyone who uses them knows, they are CONSTANTLY changing their interface, but what I found this time was off-the-wall unbelievable! After signing in, I found that my payment information is no longer hidden until the payment page, but is easily accessible to anyone who can hack into your account. Anyone who knows anything about credit card fraud knows that for someone who knows credit cards, it isn't that hard to put together the rest of the info if you have the type of card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, etc.) and the last 4 digits.  I tried to remove my credit card information, and got one removed, but they would not allow me to remove the other. I asked them when they had changed the interface, and why they would do something to compromise our security, to which they replied that they had the most secure system available. Well, try telling Naoki Hiroshima that!

I sent in a complaint through the contact link, since telephone support gave me no help, and this is part of what I got in reply. The rest was just copy/paste from the GoDaddy website.
Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for contacting Online Support. I understand you want to delete your credit card from your account. Our site is most secured site to relay on. Unfortunately, you can not remove payment method however, you can update your payment method to new card.

That does it! I'm sick to death of dealing with customer service reps that do not even understand English enough to write or speak it properly. From the construct here, I am imagining this was written by someone in or from China. 

I have four domains that are coming up for renewal in February, so those will go first. Money is tight right now, but I hope by the end of February to have all my domains transferred to another registrar. If you have any suggestions for someone who does cheap specials on transfers and does not have your payment info out in the open, please let me know in the comments either here or on G+, because I'm done with GoDaddy. I want a registrar who doesn't put my payment information out there where any old hacker can find it. Before they did this, it was only on the payment page, and they need to go back to that. Still, that won't save them for me.


Miragi said...

Well that sucks. :/ Shoemoney.com (Jeremy Shoemaker) always has deals with a certain domain place...but I can't remember their name. Maybe you can find something affordable through him. :/ xo

Simply Deb said...

Thanks, Deb. I'll try that out.

Jessica Tucker Creatives said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with GoDaddy, Deb. I recently considered using GoDaddy again for my own hosting but will definitely find another company to work with.

Sorry to hear about your dilemma! I will keep you posted as to what I find...

All the best,

Simply Deb said...

Thanks, Jessica!

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