Sometimes, Love Just Ain't Enough -- Should I Leave Yahoo Contributor Network?

I've asked this question to myself a few times, but now the answer is becoming clearer, and it is YES -- I should stop writing for Yahoo.

Here are a few of the reasons:

1) Lower beat payments - payments are going down by about 30% on Yahoo Voices, and the new featuring scheme doesn't get you much time on the front page, so no chance of making any real money.

2) Yahoo doesn't count page views from mobile devices. You don't want to hear what I have to say about that. My PV's have been sliced neatly in half this month, and I'm not a happy camper. Where I used to make from $60-$80 a month doing almost nothing, this month I've barely cracked $30. Writing more doesn't seem to help.

3) I need more stable income than what Yahoo Voices provides. Used to be, if you wrote consistently and well, you could count on a few hundred bucks a month. You never can tell what you're going to get paid in upfronts there. I will take assignments with a set value of $10 or above, but as far as writing unsolicited material for upfronts, no way. I haven't gotten an offer of over $4 for unsolicited work for over a year, and that is just highway robbery.

4) I'm just tired. Tired of Marissa Mayer, who spends over a billion dollars for Tumblr but won't put any money into faithful, and quite talented, writers she already has. She'd rather cater to the pornographer teens on a site that makes her no money than to fix what is wrong with our site. I really hope she sells Voices to someone who will care for it. She may be pretty, but under that nice exterior is a heart of stone.

So there. I'll do my Alternative Medicine beats, because I like those. I will take assignments for $10 or over, but I will not bust my butt on Yahoo anymore. I have better things to do than sit around for 2 weeks waiting for a $4 offer on a 500 word article.

Nostalgia be damned. I'm going full-on CAPITALIST! YAHOO -- SHOW ME THE MONEY OR SHOW ME THE DOOR!


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