Day 2 of 30-Day Social Media Fast

So I was not good today. I found something I simply had to share. It was just too good to keep to myself. I went on a binge -- shared it everywhere.

I got an email today from some new crowdsourcing company and put in an application. Plus, I got a reply from a couple of Craigslist ads. One was a scam, which I reported, but one looks promising. Doesn't pay much, but small eggs are just as nutritious as large eggs -- you just have to eat more of them.

CrowdSource still doesn't have anything decent to do. I will keep writing for Yahoo and doing as much CrowdSource as I can. I have a goal every day, and so far this month, I haven't met that daily goal, but I'm still trying.

Content Blvd. is pretty much a bust. If I'm going to write on spec, I'll put some stuff up on Constant Content that isn't just presented to one person who never does anything with it. It's not reliable enough to generate steady income. It's like Constant Content forcing you to only write to the daily requests, and not allowing you to submit anything just on its own. I do like the owner there, and I think he is trying to create something viable. I'll hang in there with them, but won't be contributing much, just looking to see what comes up and what happens.

I suspended all my Fiverr gigs. I don't have time to deal with it right now. I'm going to start going through boxes and finding stuff to sell during downtimes from now on. I can't just sit here and let time slip away. September is coming faster than it seems.

So that's day 2. Hope yours was better than mine.


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