Should You Give Up Social Networking?

Sometimes I wonder how I would do if I gave up social networking sites completely. They were essential when I was getting much of my money from content sites that paid per view, but now they are basically just a time-suck, except for the occasional posting an article from my blogs.

I never post on Twitter, although I have a lot of followers. I dumped all but a few friends and family on FB. I'm pretty involved with G+, but am getting a little tired of that as well.

I started a lot of communities on G+ with an eye to becoming a social media manager, and using them as something to put on my resume, but now the thought of having to post to social network sites all day makes me want to just shut down the computer and take a nap.

I have been thinking about the report I heard that only 30% of all registered users on FB are active. That's pretty much true for all social sites, I think. People join, then Real Life interferes, and their accounts just go dormant. It's like all those Blogger blogs that no one is ever going to post on again that are just sitting there, because Google refuses to take them down and recycle the names. It's all wasted space on some computer, aside from the personal information they harvest from those accounts.

I may take a social networking vacation. I'm thinking a 30 day experiment to see if I earn more or less without all that to distract me. If I find it is more productive to leave them alone, I wouldn't have any problem doing that. Like I found out when I left FB, those who really wanted to stay in touch did anyway through normal things like the telephone. The rest just went away and never got in touch again. And that's o.k., because you know what?

I DON'T KNOW ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE. They are just names and faces on an internet site, people who I'm not even sure are real, and honestly -- most of them probably aren't.

So 30 days off sounds good. Maybe I'll do that next month.


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