My First Impressions of Windows 8

My computer died, and it broke my heart, because I loved it. I had to have something to work with, so I bought a new computer with Windows 8. Boy, at first I was flabbergasted! It took me a couple of hours just to figure out how to get around the screens. I missed my quick launch bar, and wanted some way to get something similar to the start menu on my task bar. I found out how to put the desktop on the task bar. Actually, I don't believe the instructions were for the desktop, but it turned out to be that plus some. I think THIS is where I found those directions. Hard to tell, since it was a fluke that worked out really well. This what that looks like:

Then there was that missing Quick Launch bar. I love that thing! Can't live without it. THIS is where I found directions for that. Then I had to figure out how to get what I wanted onto the quick launch bar. That I found in the Ultimate Windows 8 Taskbar Pinning Guide.

I figured out how to create a recovery partition, and will be making a backup copy of Windows as soon as I get a 4 gig flash drive to put it on. Since this system was designed for tablets, you CAN back up to disks, but it takes a lot of them, so best just to put it on the thumb drive. I'll be getting that done in the next couple of days.

So far, I don't HATE Windows 8, but it's not at all what I would have expected. Of course, it was created for tablets primarily, so I expect it to be very different. I'm learning little ways to make it more like Windows 7, at least in look and feel, but I'm not going to make any really huge changes. I hear the file system is awesome, so I can't wait to get into that.

I haven't run into but one program that isn't compatible, and it had a viable replacement. My Firefox and all my favorite add-ons work just fine. I have a lot of my apps downloaded. I'm not getting them until I need them.

Honestly, I doubt I'll ever use the Start Screen much. I'm working out a way to put the shut down controls on the taskbar too, because it's a pain to get to them --- to many clicks.  

More to come in the Adventures of Deb and Windows 8, so stay tuned!


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