And This is the Downside to Freelancing - Broken Eggs and a Messy Basket

I preach a lot about not putting all your eggs in one basket, but most eggs last a little longer than the CrowdSource one did.

I am very discouraged right now. I fear that there will be no more readily available work on CrowdSource. I have other clients and other places to write, but none that provided so much steady, relatively easy work. I could apply to be an editor there, but I really don't want to be an editor. Right now, I'm taking a day or two off to figure out exactly what to do.

I was all gung-ho on Content Blvd, but none of the articles I wrote last week were accepted, and the worst part is that you don't even know if anyone has seen them. I'm not inclined to leave them up there just in case someone picks them up. I need something more guaranteed. I can't afford to spend my time writing good content with no guarantee of payment. If I could, I'd write for Constant Content, which I may yet be forced to do.

Yes, I could go to ODesk, but I really don't like that system, and it has so many scammers, like the guy who is paying $8 an article for stuff he's selling to Triple Curve for $12. Who's to say he will ever really pay anyone?

Textbroker - $5 an article if you're lucky and if you do one thing wrong, you're downgraded back to level 3 where there is no work. Fiverr is not viable, because I can't write on the topics they want. I know nothing about internet marketing or SEO, and that's all they ask for, except for the one guy who wanted articles on fishing.

Yahoo is still there, but no one is getting over $6 per article there, and PV's are abysmal. I could write more on gardening and that would probably make me some good money over the summer, so I may do that. My PV's always pick up there in the spring and it usually carries through summer, since most of what I write on is gardening. I really need to learn to like writing about celebrities or finance, but I don't, so that's that.

This is the worst time in a long time for me. I have to make a shitload of money before my son's wedding, and it just isn't going to happen, I don't think. I don't know what to do, I really don't. Not only that, but I'm getting to where I don't care.


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