No, Google+ is Not Dead -- It's Just Dead to You, and Here is Why

I have to laugh every time some idiot posts online that Google+ is dead or that no one is there. I mean REALLY laugh -- like guffaw, hold my sides, tears streaming down my face laughing. Well -- maybe not that much, but seriously giggling.

Google+ is not dead, it's just DIFFERENT. You wanted more privacy, so G+ invented circles. You can share your posts with everyone in your circles, or just one group of people. When you circle someone, if they don't circle you back, you won't see anything they post unless they make that post public.

So while you're thinking nobody is posting, you just aren't seeing them, because they aren't posting to you. Trust me, people are posting. I have over 600 people in my circles, but not all of them see my posts. For example, I have a circle for Acquaintances which are people I don't know well enough to know where to place them yet. A lot of what I post is to all my circles, but some of what I post is only to my Home and Garden or Writers and Bloggers circles. Why would I force irrelevant posts on people who aren't interested? I had enough of that crap at Facebook! If I was friends with someone, I had to see everything they posted, whether I wanted to or not.

That's why I love G+ sooooooo much! I have a lot of people in my circles who write. Some of them write about gardening. If I post something that relates to writing about gardening, I will share with both. If I share something JUST about growing something, I will post only to home and garden. I also have a circle for photographers, simply because I love looking at their pictures, however, they are very prolific posters, so I can choose NOT to see the photography posts when I look at my posts by not choosing to view that circle.I can see posts only from gardeners, or only from writers, or only from photographers. It's very relaxing to be able to just pop in to see what people are doing in their gardens without having to go through several dozen irrelevant messages about celebrities and politics and whatever else.

Then there are communities. Communities are for where the circles intersect, where you might not want to circle everyone that has anything to say there, but still want to see what they have to say. I own several communities and belong to several more. I can allow posts from communities to show up in my stream, but I choose not to. I reserve my stream for the people in my circles.

Yes, it takes some getting used to how things work on Google+, but once you do, you will either love it and leave all your other social networking sites behind, or you will hate it and stay on FB bashing G+.

But trust me, there are plenty of people here, and we are ALL posting...just not to you.


Divajz said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, interesting Deb and thanks for enlightening me about how Google+ does make better sense than the way FB works. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to learning more about how G+ works.........FB does get old after a while - I'm thinking at a minimum and can shut off the feeds coming through for people I really don't care to follow; then you don't have to wade through so much crap.............thanks for sharing this!

Gone Tropical said...

love your post!!
G+ seems to attract a different crowd, the ones that get tired of reading 'I am having a cup of java NOW' or 'I am getting out of bed' with 50 'i like' clicks ;-)

Simply Deb said...

That is so true. We are easily bored over there. When the boring people invade, we send them on their way.

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