A Major Writing Decision: Goodbye to Yahoo Contributor Network

I'm making a lot of major changes in my life lately, and this is just another whose time has come. Sometimes you have to let go of things to move forward.

I've been thinking about this for a few days now, and I'm not going to be writing for YCN anymore unless all my other clients dry up. The last straw was an assignment about what I wanted to hear in the inaugural speech, so I accepted it and wrote a short blurb saying I wouldn't be listening to the speech and outlined my reasons. I am very disappointed in the President's performance since he was re-elected, and feel he's still giving in way too much, so I wasn't going to listen to empty promises which he would backtrack on as soon as the special interests swooped in. He gives in too much, gives too much away, basically makes promises he has no intention of keeping. He's probably better than Romney would have been, but he would never have been my first choice as President, in fact, I did not vote for him in 2008. I didn't vote for anyone.

The article was up for a few days in the News section of Voices, got a couple of comments. It was suddenly taken down and "rejected for publication." I almost put it up as a DO, but I just deleted it. What's the point, really?

I believe it may have gotten flagged by a lot of die-hard democrats or progressives, which led to it being taken down. It wasn't complimentary to the President, but they asked for an opinion, I gave it. I just don't understand how they could reject a Display Only article when I am supposed to have the right to publish any DO without editing.

I have not been happy with the direction YCN has been taking lately. I have been here before, and no matter how many promises they make, I can see the writing on the wall. YCN is going away. They will eventually turn it into a PPV only site and stop making any upfront payments, no matter how small, for anything. You'll just be writing in hopes of getting a feature that will pay well. Lately, that hasn't been the case, and I don't have time to write "in hopes of" making some money.

YCN is good for what it is -- a place for new writers to cut their teeth and learn, and for those who don't have to depend on it for an income to make a few extra bucks. I really see it being sold off one more time because Mrs. Mayer seems to have other things in mind for Yahoo, and so it should be.

I am going to concentrate on my ghostwriting and put my best content on my blogs. I appreciate that YCN was there for me when I needed them, but this isn't the same supportive community that was when I returned and I don't feel like I belong there anymore. I won't leave it completely, and I'll still be reading my friends' articles, but unless something drastic happens, they won't be reading mine except on my blogs.


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